Thursday 5 December 2013

One hundred mile an hour winds

Not ghostly sheep:Camera shake due to the wind
About 5.30 this morning there was a flash and simultaneous crash of thunder directly overhead. The power went off and rain was battering the window. When I got outside to look for damage the roaring north westerly might have been an approaching train, it almost knocked me off my feet. Sheep troughs were strewn about the field and he ewes themselves were cowering in the lee of a knoll. Most of out shelter is against the south west wind.

At nine o clock, the storm had moved on south, the kitchen window was grey with salt; electricity and  FM radio were off. All was not lost. I had Melvyn Bragg on Long Wave, coffee brewing on the Rayburn and an oil lamp to light my keyboard a mix of old and new technology, as long as the battery lasts. All the buildings, trees and the poly-tunnel were still standing.
New tech and low tech

Its 1.30pm and the lights have come on again I can put away the paraffin, candles and lamps until next time.

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