Thursday 6 March 2014

A busy evening, one pair of twins and a single

Acorn's twins at one hour old
Its after midnight and I've been out in the goat house on and off since 9.00pm. At breakfast time it looked as if Acorn would have her kids today, she didn't want to eat, was very restless and her tail ligaments were feeling a bit mushy. She wasn't really due until Sunday but it is 150 days plus or minus five, she had twins male and female  at 9.30.

Hebe, due on Saturday looked totally unconcerned  at teatime but by ten o clock she was screaming and delivered her single kid at 11.30pm. 

Acorn's twins were up on their feet and sucking within an hour. When I've finished this I'll go out again and check on Hebe before I turn in.

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