Saturday 22 March 2014

The hill of happiness : Beinn Tallaidh sparkles in the snow.

If you have traveled to Iona by road you will have caught a  glimpse of Beinn Tallaidh (Gaelic: Hill of Happiness) from the A849. I see it full on, almost every day, thirty miles away down the Sound of Mull, from my kitchen window.

In the heat and light of mid summer it is grey and solid , a struggle through knee deep rank heather to the top. Today it's a glittering, epic, alpine peak.

Curtains of snow have swept across the north face during the day, momentarily obscuring all but the highest point . Then after each new layer its back,  brilliant and glistening. It may be just a "Corbett", less than 3,000' more than 2,500' but today, from the kitchen its a colossus among Scottish mountains.

I think I got a bit carried away there, its now disappeared completely in the murk

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