Tuesday 24 June 2014

Kids go to a new home

Strange new experience
Rowan and Willow the two brothers born in early March have gone! Their new home is nearly 50 miles way at Clovullin just this side of Corran Ferry. Ann their new owner and goat herd wanted Rowan for mating with her females this Autumn and Willow his brother (a wether) went along to keep him company. First time in a livestock trailer and fifty miles of bumpy road are stressful enough without doing it alone. ?Then there's the new goat house, new environment and strange shaggy old goats to contend with. Willow will be coming back unless Ann decides she want home too.

They look a bit forlorn but they soon be used to it

The problem is I don't have a job for a wether goat and with a family of vegetarians the freezer is out of the question. The Victorians had them pulling lightweight carts for children so Gracie might be in luck.

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