Monday 2 June 2014

Outwitting the kids with a waste proof feeder

My goats have two faults......They are forever plotting to outwit me in order to eat the new  hedge or to open gates that should be shut . Don't ever think they are secure if you tied up a gate or hurdle with baler twine they can undo knots in a flash.

 Secondly they waste food by standing in an open topped trough and fouling the contents with their feet They are too picky to eat anything that they have stood on or trampled. 

 Hay wastage I'm still working on but I have now outwitted the kids with a new design of concentrate feeder.

There was a picture of a similar feeder in the British Goat Society Journal. A heavy duty plastic container with two goat head size holes cut in the side and then suspended from a rafter.  an old teat dip drum might have been better but this was all I had and it works a treat there's no waste at all.

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