Saturday 31 May 2014

Small family farms feed the World but corporate farming is taking over.

When you watch,"Countryfile" on Sunday evening you get the impression that the World is fed by large industrialised farms like those of Adam Henson and his neighbours in the Cotswolds. Not so!......

Small family farms feed 70% of the World population on 25% of the farmland, this includes Crofters.

Farmland is being consolidated into bigger and bigger units. Watch this space..... its won't be long before the Archer's farm," Brookfield" is swallowed up by the Ambridge Mega Dairy.

The Scottish Government is colluding in this transfer of money and land to farming corporations by considering the idea that 61% of Scotland's farmland, which is rough grazing, should receive only 15% of the CAP budget The other 85% will go to large farms on the best land, more corporate welfare for the already wealthy?

If you are interested have a look at the internalional peasant farmer organisation website; 


Maggie Turner said...

Countries where "plantation economies" have taken over land ownership and "stewardship", have been experiencing this shift to corporate economies of scale for decades...

Today similar processes are occurring in most countries where capital seeks its own interests.

North America has experienced severe shifts in land ownership and food production since the mid 1900s.

Capital interests are not human interests.

Helen said...

On a Sunday I usually retreat to the kitchen when our Mr Henson appears on Countryfile because what you see on the programme is carefully edited film. No Cotswold Farm Park that attracts thousands of paying visitors every year. No caravan & camping site where you can stay for 2 night for a mere £ a welcome hamper of course and a farm that stretches as far as the eye can see.

I think its called ' diversification '