Sunday 25 May 2014

Weasels in the wall

Drystone walls are perfect weasel habitat full of crevices, tunnels, nooks and crannies that are also a home for mice. just as I was about to feed the chicks in the brooder house this morning four weasels dashed across the path and into the retaining wall. A mother and three young judging by their size and colour. they are small enough to go anywhere a mouse can go and five years ago I lost a whole pen of  week old chicks to a weasel that got into their 10mm mesh brooder cage. All but two were all killed minutes before I got there. I waited and withing minutes the weasel was back to finish the job but ran off when it saw me.

This morning I stood still and made a squeaking noise by sucking back of my hand. The weasels came back and I was able to photograph them They can't resist the sound of a distressed rabbit.

It was probably the sound of the chicks in the brooder house that attracted them.

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