Saturday 17 May 2014

Multi purpose hens - muckspreading

Industrious chucks get started before the spreading
A lot of much has accumulated over winter in the sheep house and the goat house; they have to be "mucked out". I don't have a little grey Ferguson tractor and trailer so it has to be done with a muck graip and a wheelbarrow. Spreading isn't easy. If I dump each barrow load about five meters apart it can then be cast about by the graip. This still leaves big matted lumps. Hens might be the solution they immediately attacked the lumps with their claws scattering the manure in all directions.

This is an experiment because any muck that I spread on the hay park now has to disappear before we cut it for haylage at the end of July. Alistair my neighbour is sceptical so I've left a strip to see what happens. If it works I'll do the same over the whole field next year. In the meantime the rest of it, tonnes of it, is going on to the midden to rot down and to be spread in the Autumn.

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