Friday 30 May 2014

Dude Crofting

Happy Dude
The downside of keeping ewes indoors from January to April is the dung. Once they are turned out there's about twenty tonnes of the stuff to shift with a graip and a wheelbarrow. My family still haven't bought me a little grey Ferguson tractor!

Geoff Campbell suggested; "Dude Crofting". In the USA they have Dude Ranching; lots of horse riding, steer roping, beer drinking and barbecues.  We do things differently in Kilchoan, this dude croft would offer; shit shovelling, egg collecting, goat milking and even more shit shovelling.

Geoff volunteered to help with the mucking out as a guinea pig Dude. For me it was a great success, we finished the job in less than half the time expected. The "Dude" wanted cross training, its the "Ardnamurchan Half Marathon" on Saturday. I don't have the time, can't spare two and a half hours to run from the Lighthouse and back.

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