Saturday 17 May 2014

Better bread

There haven't been any new posts for two weeks because I've been away; learning how to make sourdough bread at Andrew Whitley's farmhouse near Edinburgh. I have made bread with flour, dried yeast, water, salt, honey and butter for about twenty years and I was quite satisfied with it until I tasted sourdough then read Andrew's book, "Bread Matters".

We made; wholemeal, brioche, baguette, Borodinsky rye, and spiced fruit buns and I am a convert to this simpler more wholesome method of bread making. The ingredients are just flour, water and salt.                    a loaf stays fresher longer so there's less waste and it tastes so much better. No point telling you how to do it, you can buy the book or you could go on one of Andrew's courses.

It was my, "post lambing holiday" not just bread making; the RSC, Malvern Spring Garden Festival, the Henry Moore / Rodin exhibition at Compton Verney and a really good Indian meal. I got back to find everything in good order Kate, Gracie and Dale did A great job, maybe I'm not needed and should set  up a mini-bakery!

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