Sunday 22 June 2014

Snow buntings on Ben Nevis

Summit view to the SW
Every May and June there are few days when the "Ben" is clear of cloud, its windless hot and sunny. On Sunday night the forecast was perfect, it was my week off from milking goats and I needed some exercise. Several hundred others thought the same.

The view from the summit (1,303m ) has to be Britain's finest mountain panorama. As highest in the range and Britain  all of the other peaks are  below you.

 I think I was the only one there who
Free image downloaded from the internet.  I told you my camera was crap.
noticed the snow buntings flitting around the summit snowfield . When I pointed them out no one was really interested just a polite smile as if to say, "so what"?

One of Britain's rarest breeding birds, that's what!

People were still heading up at six in the evening when I was down to the Glen Nevis path they wouldn't be on top until after 10 pm.

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