Saturday 13 December 2014

Goat packing trainees

Andy the trainee pack goat
My Christmas shopping list included a goat for Gracie and her Mum. You'd think I had enough goats without going 200 miles to get one. This one is different he;s a Toggenburg wether. You might think he'd only be fity for the freezer but he's a handsome chap and Gracies's Mum has plans for him.

During the summer when she was milking people often stopped, leaned on the gate to watch and and to ask about the goats. Kate put the idea to some family groups that it might be nice for them to go walking with the goats. The goats would have pack saddles and carry the picnic, children could rake turns at leading them. There was an enthusiastic response, they all said they'd be up for it.

Gracie trainee packer with Hebe
It's not such a daft idea. In the USA goats are used for packing loads in to high mountain areas where pack horses and mules won't go, scree slopes for example. Castrated males are strong, sure footed and friendly. So between now and June 2015 Kate and Gracie have to train this one, he's only six months old, to carry a pack saddle, to be friendly and polite no " puttin the heid on" ( head butting ) no rearing up and definitely no pick pocketing.

Those of you who have met Hebe will remember she is the goat with attitude and therefore too  unpredictable to meet the public. She is good friends with Gracie though.

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Hope you and your menagerie have a great Xmas.

I couldn't resist sending you the following link - a Xmas present for the goats maybe?!