Saturday 10 January 2015

New truck

I have long ad the view that grassland farmers don't really need tractors, especially when silage and muck spreading is now largely done by contractors. Most people could manage with a FWD truck of some sort.

 We need to move livestock about in trailers, no one takes droves of sheep far along the road these days. My Grandfather took cattle on a whole day drive along the roads into Perth and Jimmy Ogg who taught me about sheep drove his hoggs from Aberdeen links to Glenbuchat in the
spring and back to the links in Winter. He slept the night in "Mrs Green's hotel"; he opened a gate into any convenient roadside field, slept there with his sheep and was away again before dawn.

We need to move feed, fencing materials and perhaps run a set of grassland harrows over the hay park in spring it can all be done with a truck, anyway a truck is much more comfortable than small white van for an old man. This is all to rationalise my purchase of a FWD pick up truck for 2015. Never mind if it uses more fuel and is more expensive to insure and maintain......I like it!

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