Saturday 13 October 2012

Mink on the move

Early autumn and the mink population is at its peak again, they are on the move looking for territories and an easy meal. Their weakness is their curiosity and they'll enter an unbaited trap if its in the right place and smells interesting.
Ferocious mink

Mink are ferocious. This one snarled, bared its teeth and screamed at me when I was tasking the photograph.

If you keep poultry you can't afford to relax, the hens and ducks have to be shut in their houses at dusk.

Outside during daylight they are relatively safe because most of them can escape but if a mink gets into the house there's no escape and they'll all be killed.

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Unknown said...

I think i'd snarl and scream if I was trapped in a cage and someone tried to take my picture!