Friday 10 January 2014

After the storms : A haircut, groceries and ironmongery

MV Raasay arriving in Tob
During the last two weeks of 2013 we have had eight storms, up to and including Force 8 and a gust of 97mph on the north coast. As a result I missed out on my three monthly haircut, a number two, shopping at the Coop and Brown's Ironmongers in Tobermory.

Today was relatively calm and dry so a good day for the trip across the sound. Its only five miles and 35 minutes but in winter the small ferry MV Raasay takes over, its basically a big tank landing craft. Its half the size of the summer ferry with a rock n roll ride whatever the weather. On the plus side; our over 60s bus passes work on the ferry so we get to Tob free of charge.  From time to time we see a pod of dolphins, a sinister looking warship, stone boat or pleasure craft.

 You may be wondering what this has to do with crofting?

Its just that we are at the end of thirty miles of highly scenic but bad road. The 110 mile round trip to Fort William uses 15 litres of diesel in the camion or is three hours each way in the bus which
Tob, the main drag
is free to people with white hair but my white head is spinning at the end.

You have to weigh up the weather and what is really needed.

Fort William for livestock feed, auction mart, dentist  and building supplies, Tob for haircut, groceries, nuts and bolts and lunch at Cafe Fish ( Easter until September)

Any shopping, tooth repair and hair cutting has to be accomplished between goat milkings during ten months of the year so Tob is often the easy option.


Anonymous said...

Tom, have I read this correctly?

Due to gales you haven't had a Number Two for two weeks!

Alasdair Thornton

Tom Bryson said...

Shearing every three months, should have been mid December!