Tuesday 7 January 2014

Sea Eagle on Glas Eilean

Its there... between the two humps
Alasdair my neighbour called me this morning about 11.00am to say there was a sea eagle on Glas Eilean opposite the house. He may be 70 but he's still sharp eyed, even with the telescope it took me a while to find it about 1.5 km away across the bay. living among all of this Wet Highland wildlife you can get a bit blase about it. For example yesterday when we were moving sheep into the new shed an otter crossed the road below us.  But a sea eagle is still exciting.

 After a month  of storms, including a big one last night it was a surprise to see it. Its most likely that it came over from Mull with a strong tail wind. We normally see them hunting the slopes above Ormsaigbeg on bright, sunny windless days often when there's an east wind to help them back across the sound with a lamb.

Its between the two flat topped humps on the island, you'll have to take my word for it.  As the Editor of Kilchoan Diary often points out to me my camera is pretty useless.

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