Sunday 26 January 2014

Mountain weather today in the W. Highlands will be "Appalling!"....Its official

At six this morning the wind was hurling buckets of rain against the bedroom window. The sheep and goats are snug indoors but the hoggs are still out, I had to move their trough into the lee of a wall or the feed would have blown away. Back indoors with the coffee on and the kitchen temperature wound up I took a look at the MWIS (Mountain Weather Information Service) to see what its like on the tops.

Its not that great at sea level   Photo by Raptor
It's the first time I've seen a forecast begin, "Appalling!" it then goes on to predict, "storm force winds gusting to 100mph, continuous rain at low levels, heavy snow drifting at higher altitude with extensive whiteout".  Obviously not a day for collecting Munros or even walking at sea level.

In a normal winter we expect a few of these storms but, since the end of October gales, rain and cloud have been continuous with, I think, only three dry sunny days. We are all in danger of going mouldy, getting SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder?) and trench foot. If the Editor of Kilchoan Diary is reading this on a beach beside the Indian Ocean we could use some sun, sea and sand posts to brighten things up.

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