Thursday 26 January 2017

Barn owl moves in with the sheep

Photo: Hamza Yassin (Cameraman and photographer)
Hamsa, our resident wildlife photographer was on his way home last night about 10.30 and glimpsed something white up in the rafters of the sheep house, he has a genius for spotting wildlife while driving. This can be disconcerting for passengers.

He reversed his car and shone the lights inside to take this photograph with his mobile phone. He normally uses an extremely expensive long lens.

I suspected that an owl was using the building because of the white streaks of excrement on the rafters and here is the proof. It was was probably in there to shelter from the gale that blew in from the SE and has carried on throughout today.

The next step is to make a nest box to see if we can encourage it to take up permanent residence. The main danger to any birds nesting around here is the pine martens so we will have to make one from a 45 gallon ( 100 L)  plastic drum fixed with load straps to the roof..  The pine marten will not be able to get any purchase on the plastic surface and the drum will be held securely. Owls don't like nest boxes that feel insecure.

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