Thursday 12 April 2012

More ducks

The Khaki Campbells hatched eight weeks ago and now spend all day grazing and searching for insects, slugs, snails and worms . If they had access to shallow water they would be eating small fish and amphibians.
Ducks need water for foraging, feeding, drinking, swimming and preening. They need to be able to cover their heads with water to wash their eyes and bills and to shake it all over their bodies. Thats why they make such a mess if kept in small runs in gardens.

Khaki Campbell ducks

Our domestic ducks (Khaki Campbells) are descend from wild Mallards and still behave in much the same way as their wild ancestors. They spend most of their active time exploring food sources and foraging as a group. All the time grunting and talking to each other.

Exploring and foraging
About 90% of the food they forage is grass which they don't digest very well so it passes through the gut very quickly.Its this foraging that makes them such efficient egg layers without much supplementation by grain and concentrate rations. So we need some more....there are six Cayuga eggs and six white Campbell eggs ready to go into the incubator this evening.

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