Monday 30 April 2012

One last push

Lambing started on 10th April and for my ewes; today April 30th it was all over, the last lamb was born just after lunch. You can tell when a ewe is thinking of giving birth, she moves away from the flock to somewhere sheltered and quiet, then lies down and the big push begins.

I wasn't quick enough with the camera, one minute she was lying down and straining, the next she was on her feet and the lamb flopped out.

Straight away the lamb was being licked clean and was up on its feet within five minutes..There was still one more job to do. The lamb's navel is an open wound until it dries up so once mother and lamb are well bonded the lamb gets a squirt of iodine on its navel and my blue mark on its shoulder.

Thats it, lambing over for another year, I'll hang up the lambing bag and have a lie in tomorrow. There are more births to come duck eggs under a broody hen and in the incubator.

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