Sunday 1 April 2012

Norfolk Boy Reprieved

 "Norfolk Boy" the psychopathic Ixworth cockerel has been reprieved. I had tartiflette and salad for lunch. Sue Cheadle, Crofter at Sanna is taking him along with a few of his wives to a high security twilight home for criminally insane poultry.

Norfolk Boy is the one on the right with big claws, evil eye and cruel beak., He has got to be much heavier than Asterix the Gaul on the left.  The camp younger brother of Asterix is "TinTin" and he has also gone into care with Joyce O Connor at Achosnich. This leaves me with only Asterix the elegant and friendly BG cockerel for the moment. Its a lot quieter at 4.30am.

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