Thursday 12 July 2012

The Geese Police

The goose patrol
 Those  fluffy goslings hatched in April are now monsters; big, bold and bossy. If they think the ducks or the hens are enjoying something they are on the case to  put a stop to it.

Flocks of starlings have been eating almost as much hen food as the hens themselves so I put one feeder and drinker inside a wire netting pen to deter them. The hens and ducks have to go inside to feed, the geese have decided to put a stop to it by patrolling the entrance and chasing them off.

Luckily geese have a short attention span  they only do this for short spells. They get bored and wander off to graze, find something to vandalise, or just run around flapping their wings and screaming.


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