Friday 27 July 2012

The clipping

With only 30 sheep to clip and plenty of help on hand shearing has become a spectator sport. John Alec the ambidextrous shearer had seven of us watching at one point on Wednesday, but of course that means more hands to catch sheep, roll fleeces and fill the wool sack.

In late Spring / early summer this year's fleece begins to grow and the old and the new fleeces separate. This is the time to shear them, here its usually mid to late July.


I always feel it must be a huge relief for the ewes to get rid of all that wool and grease. Its not the best quality wool and much of it is used for stuffing mattresses in Italy.

Last one!

The tup "Big Eric" was last one, he must now weigh 100kgs and its a struggle to sit him up but once John Alec had him there he was quite docile in fact he almost seemed to enjoy it.

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