Wednesday 18 July 2012

The goats arrive

There are now some puzzled looking Toggenburg goats in the byre. After two days on the road when they slept most of the time, the goat kids, Hebe and Acorn, are inspecting their new quarters. When they were introduced there was some initial headbutting and pushing but an agreement must have been reached as they now appear to be best of friends.

Acorn below the window, Hebe on the bench
They will have to be confined to the byre until the hill park is fenced, hopefully next week. Each day they can have a walk, they've been trained to walk on a lead.

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talanatoggs said...

Saw your article in the scottish farmer. Great to see more pure toggenburgs in scotland
you now are person number 4 to have pure toggs in scotland. I have just sold 2 togg kids and a milker to a family new to keeping animals in Skye.I am the scottish rep. and newsletter editor for the toggenburg breeders society. I am in aberdeenshire. The other togg keeper lives up in the Perthshire hills and has kept many breeds of goats and now only has pure toggs as they do the best with the altitude and weather. You can email me on Us togg keepers should keep in touch especially since our toggs now have rare and native breed status.