Wednesday 4 July 2012

Transporting the goats

"Hebe" the kid
 The goat pen in the renovated byre is ready. Sleeping benches and hay rack are installed, just need to fix the feeding buckets in place and to find some hay, not easy here on the West coast in July, we all make big bale silage now. Next week I take the trailer down to Warwickshire and then to Cumbria to pick up the kids. Transporting farm livestock is now highly regulated.

The driver
 If you want to transport animals you have to sit a proficiency test. If you pass, I don't know anyone who has failed,  you get an official certificate of competence that the Police can require you to produce. This is all to ensure high standards of animal welfare when they are  in transit and is very worthwhile. Mine is for journeys up to 8 hours. 

The plan is to pick up Hebe from Fay Ogden in Warwickshire on the morning of 17th, drive up to Cumbria ( 7 hours) unload her into a pen with feed and water, stay overnight then load up both kids, Hebe and Acorn,on 18th and drive to Scotland ( 7 hours). As these two are very well bred they are used to traveling as they have been exhibited at agricultural shows already this year and they will take it in their stride. Despite all of this Dormouse still thinks its too traumatic to transport animals by road for eight hours.

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