Sunday 22 July 2012

Not many people know this!

Not many people know this but goats can be taken for a walk, on a lead, like dogs. I hope that the hill park will be fenced within the the next week or two then they can be free ranging up there, with a field shelter for bad weather days. Until then they are in the loose box in the byre. For exercise and browsing on roadside shrubs and herbs they get two walks a day. Today the Ed. of Kilchoan Diary and wildlife photographer "Raptor" were taken for a walk by the goats.

The loose box is 2.2m x 3.5m, big enough for three adult goats so there's plenty of space, ventilation and light and an extra accessory......a big rock for them to jump on, hopefully this will help to keep their feet in good shape. Mac the dog got too close to them yesterday, without any evil intent and got head butted for his pains. That will keep him in his place.

Goats are browsers, they don't graze pasture like cattle and sheep they go for leaves, flowers and twigs and like to stretch up to get their browse. Same goes for the hay, I think they would rather stretch.


Dave McFadzean Mo0niaive said...

Some potential new bodhran skins here I see. I've heard o' Luke Skywalker but Ricky the goat walker!?*** FARMER feature due in the next couple o' weeks Tom

Tom Bryson said...

Try it yourself Dave on your next visit to Kilchoan. This could be another activity for visitors.