Thursday 27 December 2012

A homeopathic remedy for Pia

 Since Christmas Eve Pia the goat has had a watery eye and a slightly inflamed conjunctiva. She probably got a hayseed in it it or was poked in the eye by a stalk of hay. Fay Ogden who sold me the kids, Hebe and Acorn, told me that homeopathic remedies work well with goats.

Kate, my daughter, is a homeopath so she has treated Pia. Today Pia had her eyes bathed and  tomorrow she gets an internal medication if it hasn't cleared up.

 Goats are so much easier than other livestock when it comes to  treatment  just stand still and let you get on with it; they are stoical, trusting and very civilised about it. There's no need for a cattle crush or to wrestle them into a sitting position as you sometime have to do with sheep.

There is a deliberate mistake in this picture..... no blue latex gloves for the homeopath and elfin safety. She did wash her hands well afterwards.

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