Wednesday 12 December 2012

Goat herding on the Common Grazing

Sunrise over Morven 9.15am
Another beautiful winter day in West Ardnamurchan and so a great day for goat herding. I have a one twenty third share of the Ormsaigbeg, 5500acre common grazing but I can't use it for sheep or cattle because there isn't a fence between here and the lighthouse 10km west. When the common was used by all of the 23 Crofters a Shepherd was employed to keep the livestock within the bounds.  My share consists of eleven sheep, two cows and half a horse. Presumably horses were shared because they were expensive to buy and to keep.

Today for the first time I used my share. Dale ( Pia's owner) and I took the goats for a wander up the hill, grazing as they went. Just as in the Alps in Summer. Its great exercise for the Goatherd and the goats who are better at following to heel than any dog.

When summer comes this could be routine on fine days, a meander up to the two lochs then lunch and a saunter back. Next time they'll have their bells to make the whole thing even more alpine.

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