Friday 28 December 2012

The eternal sunshine of the caprine mind

Having spent the last few months making daily visits to Dad's Toggenburg's, I have learned a few things...firstly, that goats are optimists - they smile at all times, in all weathers, about all things: "Oh..look, it's raining!", (smile, bleat, smile). "Oh...look, bramble leaves!", (smile, bleat, smile).

Goats are friendly, welcoming, playful and grateful and no matter how glum I may have been upon arrival, I always feel more cheerful after a visit.

Goats jump, and leap and twist like matter their age.

Goats are foodies and take great delight in selecting the most delicious strand of hay, which they munch and regurgitate with a joy that is far more believable than Nigella's pasta-tasting moans and sighs.

Goats, in short, are happy - and happiness is more infectious than the Norovirus in winter.


Ocean said...

These goats are clearly friends of Winnie the Pooh, who has a similar outlook on life.

Tom Bryson said...

"They are indeed friends of Winnie the Pooh, well spotted Ocean, and sorry A A Milne for not crediting you!"