Tuesday 11 December 2012

Mac the dog

It's ironic that although Craigard is in one of remotest spots in the UK there's a problem with dogs and traffic, right outside the house. About six weeks ago Mac ran out into the road and collided with a car. He could have  been killed but bounced off with only a few stitches needed in his shoulder. After that I was in a constant state of low level anxiety. Would it happen again?

The collision hasn't been the only problem, he has been bored and lonely. There just hasn't been enough for him to do..... a big problem with Border Collies when kept as pets or on this Croft with only 12 sheep. He also loves the company of other dogs, they are pack animals after all. He has a friendly, gentle temperament, he's house trained and quick to learn.

 So what to do for the best?

I'm not quite sure who suggested this in the end; Kate, Rob, Penny or me but he has gone to live with Rob ( my son) in rural Wales where he has the company of two other dogs all day, a secure two acre garden and daily walks with the pack in Delamere Forest. Probably "dog heaven" by comparison with Craigard.

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