Monday 18 March 2013

Pregnant goats and pineapples:Pia takes her time

Pia was mated on 11th October and goats have , on average, a 150 day pregnancy. Today (Monday 18th) she has gone 7 days over the due date (10th March according to Mackenzie). She has a good appetite, she doesn't have a temperature, she grooms herself and is ruminating so is a normal healthy goat. I explained this to Nan Maclachlan this morning over coffee and she said that the, "old folk" used to administer pineapple to induce parturition. My first reaction was that this is another of Nan's wind ups because the, "old folk" probably never saw a pineapple in their lives and even if they did they'd probably think it was a mutant turnip.
Pia yesterday, a normal healthy goat just taking her time

Later in the Post Office I bumped into Jim Stewart a retired obstetrician and told him about this remedy. His response was surprising," there are so many different chemicals in organic things, something like pineapple could have an effect".

Dale spoke to Rebecca the Vet in Ft. William who concluded that everything is normal just keep a close eye on her, have a look every two hours. I didn't think she would appreciate the pineapple story.

Just before we took them up to the hill this morning she (Pia) was offered some tinned pineapple but wouldn't have anything to do with it. Hebe and Acorn the kids gobbled it up. However, her tail ligaments have softened, her udder is filling up and her right side is markedly smaller so it looks as if the foetus has moved into position for birth.

We are in for a busy day..... watch this space.

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