Friday 8 March 2013

Snares and delusions

After April 1st there is new legislation in place to ensure humane fox and rabbit snaring in Scotland. All Gamekeepers, Shepherds and Crofters who control foxes by snaring have to have been trained in humane trapping and the requirements of the new legislation. Today we had had the course at Kilchoan "Learning Centre", we were assessed (all of us) as competent and now we can apply to the new National Police force for Scotland for our unique ID numbers. Snares have to be tagged with our numbers, records kept of where snares are set and there are rules covering how snares are made and set.
Is the snare legal?

You may think that this is just another bit of government or EU tomfoolery where you have to have a licence to do anything. Like NVQ Level 1, which says you are capable of walking from A to B , and Level 2 which certifies you to tell someone else to walk from A to B. It isn't. This is a genuine attempt to reduce unnecessary suffering by foxes, rabbits and non-target species some of which are protected.

The course was brilliant; an Instructor who knew more than the trainees who were themselves very knowledgeable, fit, weather beaten, intelligent and  good looking even though they weren't all from West Ardnamurchan......... If you didn't already know it.....Kilchoan is like Lake Woebegone..... the men are strong, the women are beautiful and the children are all above average.

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