Tuesday 19 March 2013

Pia's kid

Things didn't turn out as we had hoped yesterday. Pia did start to give birth yesterday afternoon so I brought her in, to a clean pen with new straw and easy observation. As the contractions grew stronger and stronger but no kid appeared I decided to investigate. Her kid was coming backwards, a breech presentation. Normally this isn't a problem if the hind legs are coming, but I could only feel the tail, the feet and hind legs were folded under the  foetus. Despite swinging the kid once it was delivered there was no sign of life, I was too late the kid was dead.

Keeping animals does mean that from time to time you have to confront their death, its very sad. Loss of a ewe or lamb is sad and an economic waste but with a goat its different we have a more personal relationship with the animals just as others do with horses, dogs, cats and even cows.

Pia was exhausted afterwards but a bucket of warm  water with oatmeal and molasses in  revived her a bit. Today the east wind is bitterly cold so she has been kept indoors to recuperate.

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Sandra said...

That is sad, Tom.