Saturday 14 September 2013

A Community Mapping Exercise

We, the Crofters of Ormsaigbeg Township got together today in the Community Centre to produce a preliminary map of out croft boundaries for the new Croft Register. Most of the boundaries are obvious; dry stone walls, fences, streams, roads and the sea. but the map is complicated by decrofting of plots, the demolition of parts of some walls or no concrete boundary features at all. When I cam here five years ago there was no obvious boundary between me and my neighbour to the east. Luckily we decided to fence the boundary and surveyed an agreed line ourselves along the route of an old turf dyke and up to a steel cart axle planted long ag as a marker in the northern boundary. All I have to do now is fix the position of the fence by measurement on the ground and then transfer this to the map.

Registers of Scotland provided a 1:2,500 scale map, we overlaid this with tracing paper and then invited everyone to draw their boundary if necessary consulting neighbours or elders who have lived here all of their lives. Two hours later we had the preliminary map which showed where some boundaries needed to be fixed by measurement and where more discussion between neighbours was needed. At the next meeting in a week or two we should be able to complete the final plan for submission to ROS (Registers of Scotland).

 Anyone with an interest in the Ormsaigbeg croft boundaries can consult the map during a nine month period. If there's an objection any dispute will be settled by the Scottish Land Court. Hopefully that won't be necessary.

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