Monday 9 September 2013

Two day "Crofting Induction Course"

SCF (The Scottish Crofting Federation) is running a 2 Day introduction to crofting course in the village. Read on if you are already a crofter, if you are interested in getting a croft, or if you just want to find out more about how crofting works.  This course is free to young people under the age of 18, or anybody who is claiming benefits.   It costs £50 if you are a member of SCF, and £60 to everybody else. You can also pay the fee with an ILA. 

Field visit to the hens

Normally these induction courses are run as night classes over several weeks but this is an opportunity to do it in a weekend. If you live in Lochaber, London or Sheffield you are welcome to join. The course will take place over a single weekend, 19th / 20th October.  Starting at 9.30am on the Saturday morning and running through to the Sunday afternoon.

 The course will cover:
·         Crofting – Past and Present
·         Land Management
·         Crofting Livestock
·         Animal Health and Welfare
·         Wildlife Habitats and Landscape
·         Croft Business – Finance and Marketing
·         Croft Diversification (Forestry, Renewables, Tourism)
·         Crofting Support Mechanisms
There will be several field visits to crofts in and around Kilchoan each with a different approach to crofting.

John Mackintosh, a Lochaber crofter with many years of experience will introduce the course..  He will hand over to Alan Boulton who runs Huntaway consulting, but in the past he has worked as a shepherd, a deer stalker, a ranger naturalist, a forester and an estate manager.  Alan's current clients include crofters, farmers, Scottish Government agencies and conservation organisations.  He has previously delivered a wide range of rural skills and Crofter training for West Highland College. 

To enroll contact Pat Glenday Email:


Michael said...

I'm tempted by this. Beats sitting in the office in Sheffield!

Tom Bryson said...

If you decide to come you could book the Shepherd's Hut for accommodation. Ring Rob Bolton on 01972 510322

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael - I hope you do decide to come. You won't be the only one travelling from further afield. Give me a call on 01397 874260 if you have any questions.

Pat G