Tuesday 17 September 2013

A Highland Wedding Pt.1

Kate & Graeme dressed for the occasion
My parents got married in London to avoid this. In rural Perthshire during the 30s and even today as far as I know it was a real blackening of the Groom's wedding tackle with melted boot polish. Father's sense of humour didn't stretch that far and like many others he took to the hills for a few days. The Kilchoan version is more civilised, throwing flour, porridge and eggs ( shop bought I hope).

Part 2 on Sunday after the party!

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Jac Crosbie said...

'Real' blackenings were still going on in the North East of Scotland when I was a teenager, with the (naked) groom concerned often tied to the roundabout in the middle of our town. I can't say I would fancy even the Kilchoan version, so well done Katie and Graeme for taking it in such good spirit!!