Sunday 29 September 2013

Mating rituals Pt. 3 : Meet "Drumturk Raffles"

Drumturk Toggenburgs
We did a twelve hour round trip to Bridge of Cally yesterday to collect "Raffles" a male Toggenburg goat. He traveled well with  stops to see how he was doing and to give him some water. On the whole he was quite relaxed considering it was his first trip in a livestock trailer. His breeder and owner Denise showed us her herd including this year's kids and a new very good looking male born this year.

A 2013 kid and Mum

Mating should be effective and timely. Artificial insemination is only about 60%  effective and expensive when semen, hormone treatment, Vet's time and transport are all added up. Raffles offspring this year are good looking kids from high yielding mothers.

He had enough of traveling when we got home and dragged me out of the trailer and into the shed. We had backed up to the door as a precaution. This morning when I brought the girls down from the hill for milking he snickered and whinnied but they totally ignored him....girls! Now, Sunday lunchtime
he has settled down, eating rosebay willowherb, some hazel leaves, hay and coarse mix so he must be reasonably happy.

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