Monday 30 September 2013

Eco-friendly hatching egg packaging

Eco-unfriendly packaging
Hatching eggs are normally posted in polystyrene boxes like those on the left, the two halves are taped together and the eggs are just about 100% safe from crushing even by the Royal Mail.   But polystyrene is nasty stuff it takes years to break down in the environment and its energy intensive to produce.  There didn't seem to be any alternative until I did some research after the postal charges increased.

Eco-friendly packaging
Royal Mail define a "small package " as not larger than 165x165x165mm. It is possible to get strong cardboard boxes of this size that will take up to 12 eggs nested in biodegradable packing chips. The chips are light weight and dissolve in water, they are shock absorbent and insulating so I am trying it out on my hatching egg customers, no complaints so far.

The box can be re-used to transport day old chicks or other stuff  as it is strong enough and well ventilated. The customer does have to open the box carefully.

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