Thursday 24 March 2016

Ancona bantams efficient layers of novelty eggs

Easter tomorrow, the start of the tourist season and the demand for fresh free range eggs takes off, it's difficult to meet the demand.

This year I have a new product for farm gate sales, Ancona bantam eggs. These little birds are already laying well, six of them laid five 50 g eggs yesterday.

As most of our visitors bring children these eggs could have some novelty value. They are two thirds of the weight of a standard large egg ( 63 g +) so the price has to be two thirds, £1.00 for six.

There isn't much meat on them, they weigh just over 500 g only a fifth of the weight of the La Bresse hens who also lay 220 + eggs a year. So the bantams are much more efficient egg producers and will be cheaper to keep in winter outside of the laying season.

They are decorative, although they look black their feathers are very dark iridescent green tipped with white spangles. Anyone wanting to keep a fewer layers in a small garden or backyard should consider these. Just remember that when a recipe calls for two large eggs you will need three of these.

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