Wednesday 23 March 2016

Dude crofting pt. 3..........."Croft training" beats "Cross training"

Photo by; Big Al
The ten tonnes of firewood that arrived last month in 3 metre lengths now needs to be cut into logs and split. Luckily Big Al and Chris, you might remember them? the "Dude crofters" from Emburra were up this week looking for exercise and a chance to help the aged.

Chris has an amazing work rate, he's as fast as a tractor mounted splitter, uses less fuel, there's no maintenance and no noise. He split about four tonnes in six hours. If he trained seriously he could enter the Austrian national log splitting contest.  It's Austria's answer to One Man and His Dog, a bit more exciting than watching a log fire burn on Norwegian TV.

We estimate that Chris burned 600 calories an hour (3,600 in total) or one and a half times the daily energy requirement for an adult male. He must be quite a lot stronger especially in the biceps department and aerobically fitter without having to wear Lycra or pay for gym membership, it beats "cross training".

P.S. I should acknowledge Big Al's contribution to the title, he suggested it.

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