Wednesday 23 March 2016

Predator in the kitchen..... practising "still" hunting indoors.

I have cleaned the floor since this was taken
Although cats are born with a hunter / killer instinct, hunting, killing and eating prey is usually learned from the mother. At first she brings home dead prey and eats it in front of the kittens. Next she brings back prey that aren't quite dead until the kittens are skilled at catching and killing to eat. So why does my cat bring mice and voles into the house and leave them lying about for me? I stood on another one this morning in my bare feet. Is she trying to teach me to hunt mice?

Yesterday I noticed she was lying very still on the kitchen table staring at the kitchen stove ( it's unhygienic I know) for most of the morning. Then there was a movement down on the floor, a field mouse crept out from beside the stove, Mimi pricked up her ears, tensed then leapt down to the floor and the two sat staring at each other. Was she practising still hunting lurking out of sight ready to ambush the prey?

I assume that she got tired of practising and finished him off sometime during the night then put the corpse where her incompetent human hunter would easily find and eat it in the morning.

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