Saturday 19 March 2016

There's life in the old ewe yet.

Feioty and fit
Alasdair is sentimental about his old ewes that may have seen up to seven of eight sets of lambs and he is loathe to send them off to market. We have had one of these running with the hoggs outside all winter. She is lame, not with foot rot she's arthritic.

Yesterday when he went up to feed them the old ewe was missing so of course he went to look for her and found her with twin lambs. They were small but lively despite her not having had the nutrition she should have had.

Now you can put this down to my poor management but I prefer to think that its because Nan's tup is very athletic. He can clear a stock fence from a standing start. As for the ewe there's obviously life in her yet. Perhaps she should be kept another year but we'll see how the lambs do first.

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