Wednesday 17 July 2013

Fencing lessons

John Chapple and I, have almost finished fencing the hay park, John does the skilled bit. I dig the strainer holes and put in the posts.  you can always learn new and better ways to do things and this last fortnight I've learned some tricks of the trade from John who was a fencing contractor in the past.

This new fence in 1.5m in from the old drystone wall and derelict fence so that we can plant two avenues of trees, one down the side of the green lane to the shore and one down the east boundary. One of the best features of the village is the avenue of mature sycamores down to the road from Meall mo Chride and I would like one here. As with most forestry projects the person doing the planting doesn't get much benefit. In future there will be shelter a new landscape feature and a bit more wildlife habitat. I know sycamores are not native to the UK but they are the trees that grow best here.

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