Monday 29 July 2013

Home made butter (Part 2)

Goat's butter is white because there isn't carotene in the milk
I did get butter, less than I expected, 80g  from 12.5L of milk. Probably because I did not have the separator set for maximum cream extraction. Then I used the 5L churn to make the butter and for such a small amount of cream (400ml) I should just have used my food mixer and less cream would have been lost. Anyway the result with added Hebridean sea salt tastes really good. The 80g block of butter above will be used during the lunchtime cheese tasting when my guests will have, "Kilchoan Crofter" our world class semi-hard cheese, ricotta made fro the whey and Jacquie Chapple's curd cheese with chives and garlic.

It would be nice to produce these artisan cheeses and butter for sale, but the milk and dairies regulations, the cheese marketing regulations and the capital cost mean its out of the question. Of course if I was a French peasant I could ignore the regulations completely and make wonderful cheese from raw milk in a shack in the mountains then sell it direct to appreciative tourists..

If there is re-incarnation I want to state a preference to come back as a French peasant who is also a ski instructor,  my second choice is for a life of ease, luxury and indolence as Dormouse's cat.

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