Saturday 6 July 2013

Things to do with surplus milk : Kefir

Russians have an impressive tolerance for alcohol probably because they are fed on fermented milk, kefir or kvass from an early age. Its a refreshing and a healthy drink; if you believe the spin it cures everything from piles to plague and its easy to make.
Wash grains in a plastic sieve

You can buy the "grains" online, they are a culture of bacteria and yeast that have been used for thousands of years to ferment a whole range of milks, kvass is fermented mare's milk. The shelf life is up to thirty days, its good on breakfast cereals and as a drink. Just don't expect to get inebriated the alcohol content is only 1 - 2%.

If you buy online your grains, a very small amount, will arrive in a plastic bag. Tip them into a plastic sieve, never metal, and wash with cold water.

After washing put the grains in a jar and add milk, cover with a cloth and place in a dark cupboard for 24 hours. Taste varies with the length of fermentation, you will have to experiment.
Add milk and put in a dark cupboard

Pass the fermented mixture through the sieve again, store or drink the liquid and keep the grains for your next batch.......simples!

If you happen to have a bag made from a goat's stomach you can put the milk in that and hang it by the door where it will be agitated from time to time by people coming in and out as they do in the Caucasus.

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