Tuesday 23 July 2013

Testing strawberries for taste

Mara des bois declared outright winner
This year we've grown two varieties of strawberry both have done well in the hot summer but there's a big difference in taste. Outdoors the variety Symphony specially bred for the W. coast of Scotland  has had a tremendous yield of big red fruits. In the poly tunnel  Mara des Bois a perpetual fruiting cultivar of the alpine strawberry has done exceptionally well too.

Taste is more important than yield so we recruited an expert to decide which variety tastes best. My six month old grand daughter.

Gracie is already a strawberry expert. She sucks them through a net feeder with a plastic handle, a messy business but it does the job. Her vote was resoundingly in favour of  Mara des Bois and not just because she is a French speaking Francophile the taste is unbeatable.

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