Wednesday 24 July 2013

Wool in the bag

Wool sheet
Its not really a bag its called the, "wool sheet", the fleeces are packed as tightly as we can get them then its sewn up along the top and stored in the barn until collection.

After collection it goes to a Wool Marketing Board regional centre then down to Bradford for sorting and grading. Our price depends on the fineness of the fibres. There's a schedule of prices for more or less every breed in the UK. Blackface and Cheviot wool is among the poorest quality so it's used for mattress stuffing in Italy and organic home insulation. The really dirty wool  that we pull off the tail makes excellent compost.

The ewes are much more comfortable without their 2 - 3 kg sweaters, they are fit and lively and grazing the silage aftermath, the best time of year for them with minimal stress and plenty to eat.

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