Tuesday 2 July 2013

Shepherd's Hut

 Long ago, in the 60s, when I was a "Farm Student" in deepest Aberdeenshire the Shepherd and I had a hut on big iron shod wheels to use during the lambing. The hut was towed into the lambing field with tractor it had two bunks, a table and a gas ring.  This wasn't an , "off grid, romantic holiday venue." It was "minging" (unsavoury) because of the stuff that we brought in on our boots, the stuff that lambs left behind and the smell of calor gas.

The "Shepherd's Hut" that recently arrived in the little park just above high water mark will be quite different. Although "off grid" it will have electric light, cooking facilities, log burning stove, double bed and composting loo. For birdwatchers there's a tidal lagoon and the whole place is corncrake habitat in May and June. It should be ready from September....watch this space.

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