Tuesday 23 July 2013

Registration of crofts

1:2500 plan Craigard
Its hard to believe but, there is no definitive map based register of crofts in Scotland. The Crofters Commission, more famed for omission than commission didn't get round to organising it in the last century. But now "Registers of Scotland" and the "Crofting Commission" are preparing a map based register. We Crofters have to do the leg work and of course pay for it. Individual Crofters can do it themselves or groups of Crofters can do a community mapping exercise.

If we can sort out the boundaries together there will be less scope for dispute, it will be cheaper and faster because we pay £70 each for registration if we get it done by November 30th instead of £90. Here in Ormsaigbeg the Grazing Committee are planning to invite all of the Crofters in the township to a one day mapping exercise in September. If you are an Ormsaigbeg Crofter you'll get an invitation in the next fortnight.

We all have maps of our crofts I'm sure and there are some members of the community even older than me who have a clear memory of every croft boundary so perhaps we can get a preliminary map done in a day.

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